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Music Production

Full Music Production

We produce music productions of all types and styles. We help you get your music in the best possible musical packaging. Do you have a song but don't know how to take it to the next level? Are you stuck with a great track and don't know how to go on? Don't worry, we can take care of the whole creative and technical process. Tell us what you're looking for and let's get to work on it.

A professional music production consists of several stages (composition and arrangements, pre-production, recording, editing and tuning, mixing and mastering). It starts from a small musical idea and ends with a master ready to be published on digital platforms.

We accompany you in each and every one of these processes, providing you with all the necessary means and our experience to get the most out of your ideas.

What does this service include?

  • Creative suggestions
  • Musical and stylistic direction
  • Exclusive creation of a basic instrumental base (2 instruments + percussion)
  • Online guitar recording
  • Online mixing and mastering (unlimited revisions)
  • Advice on digital and physical distribution
  • Legal advice in Spain and copyright (Intellectual Property, SGAE)


Start your music production by following the steps below:

Send us your song

We agree on a price

We work on the instrumental basis

Voice recording

Editing, mixing and mastering


Work Performed

Below are some of the published works in which we have work on the musical production.

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    • What is the first thing I have to do to work with you?


      The first thing you will have to do is send us a recording of your song. It can be a mobile phone recording, with or without an accompanying instrument.

    • Can you make music to a lyric I have written?


      If you have written lyrics, with or without melody, we can help you compose and produce the rest of the song.

    • What are the instrumental bases like?


      Once we study your song we will see what kind of production would suit it. We can do anything from something intimate and acoustic (few instruments) to creating a more complete and dense production with pianos, keyboards, string section, drums, etc. Depending on the amount of instruments and complexity the final price may vary.

    • Who will have the rights to the song?


      The distribution rights and the use you want to give it will be 100% yours. The copyright will belong to the creator or creators of the work. We can advise you at no additional cost.

    • Can I request modifications?


      Yes, modifications in the composition phase are part of the process. You also have unlimited mixing and mastering revisions.

    • How do I record the final voice tracks?


      If you already have a small equipment to do it at home (microphone, interface, etc.) we can advise you, at no additional cost. However, we recommend that you do it in our studio in Madrid or Barcelona to get a more professional result. Contact us to know the rates.

    • When will I get my song?


      The music production service usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks from the time the order is placed, depending mainly on the complexity and quantity of instruments.

    • What forms of payment do you accept?


      You can pay by Paypal, bizum or bank transfer.

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